About the Lunch Co-op

We are four work friends from Sheffield and one gloomy day in January 2016 we decided we were sick of the boring and repetitive lunches we were eating. As we’re sure rings true with others, sometimes you put the effort in and have something tasty and nutritious for lunch but all too often, usually when rushed off your feet or busy the night before, you end up eating rubbish – otherwise known as the dreaded packet sandwich! We found that when we were organised and prepped our healthy meals in advance we ended up having the same miserable salad every day of the week.

We all felt we were in the same rut – wanting to eat healthily but the practicalities getting in the way! So, we hatched a plan to take it in turns to provide lunch for each other on different days of the week. The only stipulation? The meals must be healthy and homemade. We all enjoy eating healthily and cooking delicious meals using fresh ingredients, so we decided to use this to our advantage.

So in full “New Year, New Me” spirit The Lunch Co-op was born.

Since then we’ve been “lunch co-oping” every week. We’ve tried lots of new foods and recipes and have surprisingly found the whole initiative super simple! The lunch co-op takes the stress out of meal planning and has been a great way to save time and money.

Before the golden age of lunch co-oping we found that on busy, stressful work days, it was oh too easy to head to the nearest shop and pick up something convenient but not necessarily healthy. Now on busy days, we can look forward to having a healthy, nutritious lunch served up by a friend.

The benefits have been amazing. We’re trying new foods and experimenting with new recipes, we’ve lost a few pounds, and we’re avoiding the afternoon energy slump. Overall we are feeling happier and healthier!

We have been sharing photos of our lunches on Instagram since February 2016 and love how positive others have been about the project.

We set up this blog to not only share our recipes but to hopefully inspire others to set up their own lunch co-ops! So if you’re doing something similar or want some advice please get in touch!


Hayley, Heather, Jemma and Lucy


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