Lunch Co-op: Sweet potato jacket, tomato and ricotta frittata, quinoa salad, bean chilli tacos (16/5/16-20/5/16)

Hi everyone!

We’ve had another successful week of lunch co-oping here at Lunch Co-op HQ!

On Monday, Hayley prepared a delicious Sweet Potato Jacket, served with cottage cheese and spring onions. Baked sweet potatoes are a great alternative to regular potatoes – they have more fiber, more vitamins and more minerals. They also have less calories and less carbs, AND they count as one of your five-a-day. As you can also mix up your meals with different topping ideas, they are a great work lunch if you’re not part of a lunch co-op yet!

On Tuesday, it was Lucy’s turn to cook. She made a lovely summery Spinach, Tomato and Ricotta Frittata. Frittatas are a great work lunch as they keep well in the fridge, can be eaten hot or cold, and they are both cheap and easy to make. They are also packed full of protein.

On Wednesday, I made the Jumping Jewelled Quinoa Salad from Dale Pinnock’s The Medicinal Chef: Healthy Everyday. I didn’t have much time on Tuesday night, so I bought ready-to-eat Merchant Gourmet quinoa. It’s more expensive than getting the dry stuff, but it’s a great alternative if you’re pushed for time. The recipe was so quick and easy to make – just chopping the ingredients up and mixing them together – and I was really pleased with how it tasted.

Finally Heather rounded up the week with her vegan and gluten free Bean Chilli Tacos. Mexican food has a bit of a reputation for being stodgy and fatty, but actually there are a lot of elements of the cuisine which are really healthy. Heather’s chilli was packed full of beans, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, and topped with avocado, spring onion and lime.

The recipes for last week’s lunch co-op meals can be found below. Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve tried any of our recipes out, and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re cooking this week!

Jemma x

jacket sweet potato

Hayley’s Sweet Potato Jackets with Cottage Cheese and Spring Onions


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Ricotta Frittata

Lucy’s Spinach, Tomato and Ricotta Frittata


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Quinoa Salad
Jemma’s Jumping Jewelled Quinoa Salad
From The Medicinal Chef: Healthy Everyday by Dale Pinnock

Ingredients: (serves 1, quadruple for 4)

50g quinoa

2 tablespoons chopped mixed olives
1/2 orange or yellow pepper, diced
75g feta cheese, crumbled
1 tablespoon capers
2 tablespoons prepared pomegranate seeds
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
sea salt and black pepper

If using dry quinoa: Place the quinoa in a pan and cover it with boiling water. Boil for 10–15 minutes, until just tender and translucent. Drain and leave to cool.

Assemble the salad by mixing the cooked quinoa with the olives, peppers, feta cheese, capers and pomegranate seeds and mix thoroughly. Whisk together the olive oil and vinegar to make the dressing. Add the dressing, season with salt and pepper and stir well again.  Store in the fridge until time to eat.

Heather’s Bean Chilli Tacos


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